There are many types of boarding schools today. It isnít just the kids from the upper echelon of society who have the opportunity to attend boarding school. Not anymore. Today, the kids from the projects can earn their trip to boarding school as easily as the child from a prestigious family.

These specialty boarding schools arenít quite so glamorous. Many of these schools are for children with behavioral problems. Some of the specialty boarding schools even cater to kids with ADD or ADHD. Some schools are dedicating their classrooms to the kids who are considered violent or deviant. There seems to be a boarding school specializing in every problem imaginable.

The specialty schools board kids who have drug and alcohol problems. They go to the wilderness for boot camp or they take up residency in various treatment programs or residential treatment projects. Whatever problem that needs to be resolved or seems to need an adult in charge around the clock, there is a school out there for the kid who needs help.

These specialty schools boarding today is child can easily be around $3500 a month so it isn't the kids from the projects who can easily afford it. However, through community funding as well as financial assistance and court appointments, many children land in these facilities or schools when they would've otherwise been unable to afford their placement. They start using paper writing service to cope with studies. Would you like to know who is really going to end up paying for these specialty boarding schools in the long run?

Today, if celebrities such as Montel and other talk show hosts don't pay for a trip to boot camp or to a boarding school for troubled teens, communities end up paying for it. However, these schools are still far better for teens and young people than state prisons. While parenting is still the number one choice for children allowing them to stay at home and in local schools, specialty boarding schools aren't a bad alternative when parents need a last resort.